About Us

What we offer is Perfection.

We are a processor, importer and distributor of a  wide selection of Caviar sourced from all corners of the globe. We maintain a fully integrated process, starting with production, selection, and packing. We have control and oversight from the start of harvest up till the final packaged jar.

An Ethical And Sustainable Alternative

River Beluga -

Kaluga Caviar.

Sasanian Caviar brings with it the history and technique that sets apart our selection without equal.
The scarcest and currently the only ethical and sustainable alternative to wild Caspian Beluga Caviar, ourKaluga Caviar is truly amazing. In 2005, the United States Fish and Wildlife banned the import of wild Caspian Beluga Caviar. Prior to the ban, we had reserved a stock of farmed Kaluga Sturgeon with anticipation of its first production in 2009. Ever since, we have been offering an unmatchable selection of Sasanian Kaluga Caviar within the United States. Our Sasanian Kaluga - River Beluga Caviar is 100% pure and processed by the Caspian Fisheries and Management Team of SHILAT, resulting in unparalleled superior quality.